Thursday, January 20, 2011

This Old House

In my dream last night I was moving with my family. My mom was my real life mom but I had a different dad and two different sisters. We bought this amazing giant house that overlooked a lake. It was a fixer upper so we got a deal on it. There was a large enclosed porch in the front and it had lots of dark woodwork through the house.

I spent the first day at the new house hanging out by the beach and riding my bike around the town. When night fell these little creatures started appearing by the lake. They looked sort of like bears but they were around a foot tall and were all different colors. Bright blue, pink, green ect.. And they were all sleeping.

After I went back to the house, I discovered the real reason that we had gotten such a good deal on the house. The house had a curse put on it. Everynight a midnight an old woman would appear in the attic and wander the house with a cane sticking out. I saw here for a couple nights and was terrifed because she was scary looking and kept trying to poke me with her cane.

My family started asking around about here, and someone finally told us how to break the curse. We did some sort of ritual at midnight the next night and she vanished.

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